Company Overview

BeNEX GmbH (BeNEX) was established in 2007 for the purpose of both continuing and furthering the rail and bus transport expansion efforts commenced by Hamburger Hochbahn AG (HOCHBAHN). To this end, the existing transport shareholdings outside Hamburg held by HOCHBAHN were brought together in a new holding company. A 49 percent interest in the holding company was acquired by INPP Public Infrastructure Germany GmbH & Co KG (IPIG):

BeNEX currently owns shares in five rail and two bus transport operators that, all told, and together with networks yet to be accommodated, account for transport coverage of nearly 39 million train kilometres and around 9 million road kilometres. Local rail public transport (LRPT) services are primarily concentrated in northern and eastern Germany as well as Bavaria and Hesse, while local bus public transport (LBPT) services are provided in Lübeck.

In essence, BeNEX associate companies are regionally operating transport providers that, in conjunction with transport authorities, are committed to offering services of the best possible quality. The aim of all those involved is to steadily increase the number of passengers using local public transport, specifically to relieve the burden on today's already overcrowded roads and thereby facilitate a generally sustainable transport policy. In achieving this aim, companies operating within the BeNEX Group exclusively deploy modern, environmentally-friendly vehicles. Enhanced by impressive service and above-average punctuality, these companies ensure a high degree of customer satisfaction. The consolidated expertise of BeNEX in terms of start-ups, scheduling, servicing and maintenance also supports services on the ground.

The ownership structure provides an ideal platform for further expansion efforts. Drawing on practically a century of deep-seated expertise, as the majority shareholder, HOCHBAHN successfully supports BeNEX and its shareholdings in all operational and administrative tasks. The fact that HOCHBAHN is one of the most profitable municipal transport operators in Germany merely emphasises this expertise. In addition, the IPIG interest not only secures the necessary financial resources for BeNEX in the form of capital contributions, but also provides access to well-founded financing know-how and improved access to the international capital markets.

These foundations serve one essential goal, which BeNEX even embraces in its name: a combination of "bene" and "nexus" – that to all intents and purposes means "good combination". Together with efficient cost structures, it is this devotion to quality that enables BeNEX to win transport service tenders. The strategic objective of BeNEX is to achieve a 10 percent market share of local rail public transport services in the medium term.